Under the plan of heaven, the husband and the wife walk side by side as companions, neither one ahead of the other, but a daughter of God and a son of God walking side by side.
Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The newest member of our family

We'd like to introduce the newest member of our family. His name is Pippin and he is 3 months old. We love having him around and we're very happy we were able to give him a new home. He loves us and loves playing with the kids. We are surprised at how patient he is. He purrs every time the kids get near. We love him and he's super cute!


We had a wonderful Christmas. Isaac's parents and his sister, Renee, were able to come and watch us all open presents. (The kids got a loot! We didn't do bad ourselves.) Emerson was so excited to go running in and see what Santa had brought him. It was cute because this is the first year he has gotten the whole "Santa thing." It was a successful day and I think everyone was happy. Isaac was able to go to a movie with his parents and sister and I was able to lay around the relax. It was very hard for me to be away from my family, but I made it through the day with only a few tears.

Christmas Eve

We were able to have Isaac's parents and sister, Renee, over for Christmas Even dinner. It was so much fun to spend it with family. The kids were so excited for Santa to come and visit and they kept peeking out the front door looking for Santa. It was so much fun to see the tree all full of presents after the kids went to bed.

Cookies for FHE

We decided to make cookies together as a family for family home evening. The kids had a blast and Capri couldn't wait to taste them. It was fun to do it as a family.

Beautiful Day

The other day, it was such a pretty day outside and the kids had a great day playing around in the back yard. I just thought the pictures were so cute, so I had to put them on the blog.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Christmas 2004
Christmas 2005
Christmas 2006
Christmas 2007
Christmas 2008
I came across these pictures and I can't believe how much difference there is in each year. Like I said, we have gotten pictures of the kids with Santa every year, except when Emerson was only 10 days old. (I didn't want to take him out.) Look how much they have changed!!! It's weird to think about . . . Next picture will have 3 kids in it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Church Pictures

We tried to get some pictures of us all dressed up for church looking all "Christmasy." I think we got a couple cute ones.


We were really worried about how our "picture with Santa" would turn out. We tried earlier on in December and Capri was terrified of him. I really wanted to get the picture because I have one every year, so we spent a bunch of time talking about how nice Santa was and how he gives presents to boys and girls. It must have worked because Capri did very good on our second attempt and we were able to get a good picture. She even told him that she wanted a doll for Christmas. It was really cute. I'm glad we tried again! (Especially since we stood in line for 2 hours! Yes, you read that right . . . 2 hours in line to see Santa! But, the kids were so excited so we just had to do it.)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Why I love my kids

This morning I woke up to my kids climbing in bed with me. We snuggled for about 10 minutes, then they ran off and played. (This happens every morning.) :-) Now they are playing in Emerson's room together and I can hear them laughing. They bring me so much joy!

- I love that Capri can always be found with a stuffed animal or doll tucked underneath her arm.

- I love that if Capri falls down or gets hurt, Emerson drops whatever he is doing to run up to her and give her a hug.

- I love hearing Capri's sweet voice yell from across the house: "Mommy, I love youuuuu!" It always makes me smile.

- I love that Emerson still wants to snuggle with me every night and at nap time. I love how he always calls for me and asks for just one more hug.- I love that Emerson still has a hard time going to primary because he says that he'll miss me and wants me to be his teacher.

- I love how the kids want to kiss my belly and talk to the baby.

I guess what I'm saying is overall, being a mother is pretty neat. I love these little kids and feel so blessed that I was chosen to be their mother. I couldn't be more grateful for the little things they do. I guess that I love that despite all my shortcomings, they don't seem to notice and love me anyway.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When grandma leaves . . .

So, grandma had to leave yesterday. It was kind of hectic too, because Isaac's work Christmas party was the same day and between getting her to the airport and picking up the babysitter, we had to run out the door. Emerson took it pretty well, until it got to bedtime. He bawled! I was able to calm him down by telling him he could sleep in the guest room where grandma slept, just for last night.
Then about 11pm I woke up to the sound of little sobs. I went into the guest room to find Emerson curled up on Grandma's pillow, just sobbing. It broke my heart! He told me that the pillow smelled like grandma and he wished it was real. (I'm guessing this meant he wishes it was her.) I couldn't get him to calm down. Knowing that my mom's a night owl, we gave her a call. Luckily she was awake and was able to get him to stop crying. Then I decided to lay down with him and sleep by him. He only wanted to sleep on her pillow, so he could smell it and remember grandma. Then he told me that he wish grandpa could come and sleep on the other pillow so that it would smell like him and he could smell that one too! It was really cute. This morning, he is still hauling around the pillow that grandma slept on and won't put it down. . . I'm amazed by the special bond that those two have. It makes me so happy. We hope she visits a lot. In the mean while, I need to figure out how to wash that pillow. Emerson may never let me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Grandma come to play!

Mom came for Emerson's birthday and we have been having so much fun with her! It's great that she is able to come and visit and we are glad that we have a place for her to stay. We love having her visit and hope that she come all the time. The kids absolutely have a ball when she's around. One of their favorite games to play is seek and find, and they get thrilled every time Grandma pops out of a hiding place. They beg her to play it with her for hours. I got some pretty cute pictures. Enjoy!

Emerson's Birthday Party!

We decided to celebrate Emerson's birthday the weekend before his actual birthday since it's so close to Christmas. Grandma Boren was able to come and share in the festivities. Emerson was very particular about what he wanted for his party. He wanted "Cars" decorations and no cake. Instead of a cake, he wanted animal cupcakes. It was cute to see him be so particular about what he wanted. We ended up doing dinner and having Ken and Marcia over in addition to my mom. We had a great time celebrating together. I just can't believe he's already 4! (Well, tomorrow.) He did very well in the gift department and now is even more excited for Christmas. I was going to get all sentimental with this post, but I'm afraid that I'll start crying and it's quite early in the day and I have a lot to get done, so maybe tomorrow on his actual birthday . . .