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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

That should be all . . .

Below are all the posts from Disneyland. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see them all. They are backwards - starting with our last day, sorry. There are tons of pictures. I just wanted to write everything down before I forgot anything. I have a few short, little videos that I wanted to share too. Enjoy!

Disney Encore!

After 3 days at Disneyland our legs were sore and we had to be out of the house we were renting by 11am. Too bad that our car didn't want to leave California. It decided to brake down the morning we were GOING to leave. Isaac took it to Pep Boys, which was luckily just down the road. (The repair guy couldn't believe we were able to DRIVE it there. . .) Anyway, we had to be out of the house, and we didn't have a car. We decided to walk to Big Lots. The kids weren't really into the store and we ended up playing on the toys outside the store. I decided that we could do better than that! We were only a mile and a half away from Disneyland so we decided to do a Lilo and Stitch lunch while we waited for the car to get fixed. It was so much fun! It wasn't busy at all because most people were headed out of town to get home because it was a Sunday. We got lots of special attention from the characters. Emerson was being a stink and wouldn't get a picture with any of the characters, but still had a good time. It was a good way to spend our last day of vacation. The car got fixed quickly and we were home by 10pm. Not bad at all.
The kids outside Big Lots.

Capri and Minnie Mouse.

Capri with Stitch.

I think it's Lilo? I haven't ever seen the movie . . .

Capri and Goofy.

Capri and Daisy.

Capri and everyone. She LOVED being the center of attention.

Emerson would only stand for a photo if I was in it with him.

The whole family!

All the characters LOVED Cade and he was in such a good mood and smiled for all of them.

Leaving the hotel and saying goodbye to Disney until next time!

Disney Day 3

So, on the third day at Disneyland, we spent the day at Disney's California Adventure. It was a lot of fun. I LOVED Hollywood Tower of Terror and California Screamin'. I even got Lindsey to go on The Hollywood Tower of Terror and I thought she was going to die she was so scared. She made it through, alive. The kids LOVED the Bug's Life part of the park the best. It was so much fun. I think they enjoyed that the best out of everything. It was really cute. For dinner we ate at a great little Italian place. A wonderful time!

Mom, Dad and the Incredibles.

Capri and Goofy.

Emerson, Capri, Madder and Lightning.

Emerson and Lightning.

Emerson getting ready to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Just a funny picture of Cade.

Emerson on the Buzz Lightyear ride. He LOVED it.

Lindsey, Capri and Dad on the Buzz ride. I love my Dad's face.

Mommy and Capri on A Bug's Life bumper cars.

Grandma and Emerson

Grandma, Lindsey, Capri and Emerson on Flik's Adventure.

Another ride in a Bug's Life. Kind of like the teacups, but in Lady Bugs instead.

Another Bug's Life ride. A Caterpillar train.

Emerson and Capri messing around during dinner. We were there close to closing, so it wasn't crowded at all and they enjoyed dancing around in an empty corner while we ate.

Another cute picture at the restaurant.

Emerson being a goof ball. I love this picture. It shows his personality.

Disney Day 2

This is of Day 2 at Disneyland. It was Capri's actual birthday. We ate breakfast at Goofy's kitchen. Disney also started their "Halloween Celebration" so all the characters were dressed up in costumes. I LOVED it! We got the kids a signature book and they spent the day getting autographs from Characters. It was another wonderful day.

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Capri.

Emerson and Grandma waiting for breakfast.

Everyone at dinner. My mom got an AWESOME picture of us all at Goofy's breakfast, but I forgot to get a copy. I post is for sure when I get it.

Emerson and a BIG smile. We saw lots of these while at Disneyland!

Cinderella LOVED Cade. It was really cute!

Mommy, Cade and Cinderella
Emerson and Either Chip or Dale

Love this picture. (Mom, Cade and Isaac)

Emerson thought this wall at the Disney hotel was so cool. It had a bunch of vintage Disney toys. HE thought they were so cool.

Emerson and Dale (Maybe Chip) :-)

Capri and Chip (or Dale - not sure . . .)
Capri and Goofy in his skeleton costume. The costumes on the characters were amazing!
The Jaten Family. Love the Pumpkin Mickey Mouse!
Emerson, Capri and Minnie.

Ashley and Isaac ready to ride Indiana Jones!

It was sooo hot. In the 100s! We found out when we got there that they don't have double strollers, just single ones. So we only got two. Emerson was great about holding Cade when he wanted to ride. Keep in mind the single stroller thing if you go. We didn't want to bring our own strollers, but regret that after spending $75 on stroller rental in 3 days! It stunk!
One of my favorite pictures of Cade! This was getting ready to ride the Whinny the Pooh ride.

Capri and "Goody." He is her absolute favorite. I wish she was smiling in the picture . . .

We went to the "Thunder Mountain BBQ" for dinner. It was soooo good. They had a live show and had a great time interacting with the characters. It was really fun. Good food too.

They were doing a song and were acting out the words. They were suppose to act out "strong." Emerson was really into it! It made everyone laugh.

Disney Day 1

So, since we were at Disneyland for 3 days, and I want to remember Every Little Thing - I am going to make a post about every day. (This DOES double as my journal . . .) We had a WONDERFUL time. This trip was up there with one of my best vacations EVER. It was magical and was so much more enjoyable with my kids. My kids were amazed by everything. We wish we could go back every month! (We're actually talking about an annual membership. Not sure yet, but just talking about it.) Well, here's the first day. Please enjoy pictures for the next couple days!

The first ride of the whole trip! Star Wars. Emerson LOVED it. Capri was too little to go, but Isaac didn't mind sitting out with her. (He's never seen any of the Star Wars movies - if you can believe that!)


Getting ready to go on Autopia.

Funny, thing. We didn't even ride the Adventures of Toady ride, but Emerson really wanted to sit in the car outside the ride. There were so many things we didn't get to do. At first I thought 3 days was really long, but I can see how people take 5. We missed a lot of stuff!

Every kid loves King Arther's carousel.

Got to love teacups!

We had a wonderful dinner at Ariel's Grato. This is where we celebrated Capri's birthday and had a wonderful "Princess Birthday Party." Everyone sang her happy birthday and they brought her cake inside an Ariel treasure box.

I LOVE this picture. This was Emerson's face when he saw Cinderella for the first time. It was so cute. I love how to them, all the characters that they watch and love were REAL.

Belle's dress was so pretty!

Capri hugged her for so long. It almost made me cry. Capri kept touching her face and saying "It's you!" Truly magical!

Cinderella! Capri's favorite Princess.