Under the plan of heaven, the husband and the wife walk side by side as companions, neither one ahead of the other, but a daughter of God and a son of God walking side by side.
Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk or Treat

We had our ward Trunk or Treat yesterday and it was soooo much fun. There were some great costumes and I really wish that I would have taken more photos. We have a great ward. There was a good turnout. There was trunk or treating, a chili contest, cookies and root beer and a camp fire. We would have stayed longer, except Capri was freezing. It got pretty cold and her costume wasn't doing much with keeping her warm. We stuck her by the camp fire, but her asthma kept acting out. We had a wonderful time and the kids couldn't wait to get home and dump out their bags to see what they got. They about died when we told them they could do it all again today. Halloween is so much fun with kids!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Park Pictures

I took the camera to the park today and got some great photos. (Some turned out better than others . . .) Capri, by the way, dressed herself and insisted on wearing her hat to the park. It was so cute. She is such a girly girl. I love my kids so much. I am so lucky to have them in my life!


Here's a collection of just some random photos.

My sweet boys!

Capri loves to eat "bunny sticks", I asked her to smile for the camera - little stinker!

Call me!

Cade's favorite breakfast - bananas and cherrios

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apple Monkey's Play Care

My amazing friend just opened a new business and I wanted to let everyone know about it. It is an hourly child care center in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you don't know how this works, it's not a day care where you have to register your child and they have to show up certain hours on certain days, you can just show up and drop them off! No reservations, no cancellations if your plans change. This works great for "last minute" things. This works great for date nights, doctors appointments, lunch with girlfriends, shopping - anything where you don't want to take your kids. AND you pay by the hour, so you can drop them off for just one hour or four. Why have a teenager come to your house when you can drop them off at a state licensed facility where all the staff are trained and are first aid/CPR certified. Plus it a super cute, fun place to go - with fun toys and fun friends. Go check it out! Here's her website. Oh, and tell your friends!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Garage Sale finds!

I had an awesome day garage sailing yesterday. Isaac and his dad were cutting down the tree in the front yard, so I took all three kids with me. It was 95 degrees, but I'm really glad that I went, because we got some great stuff! We got two light fixtures and a bunk bed for the kids! I was so surprised by how little I was able to get stuff for. We were so excited!

One of the new light fixtures in the kitchen. I LOVE it. The other light is a fan and will go in our bedroom, but we haven't put it up yet. They only wanted $25 for these!!! That is a great deal for light fixtures.
Emerson new bed. For now they will just be set up as two twins, until they are old enough for bunk beds. We haven't painted Emerson's room yet. I've started, but need to dedicate one whole Saturday and just get it done!

We still need to buy some bedding, but this quilt Kendra made works great for now!
Capri was with me when I bought the sheet and picked these out all by herself!

Capri's bed is in the toy room for a couple days. We need to take the thing apart in order to fit it through the door of her room. The railings make it to wide. We were to tired last night to do it and then today is Sunday. We'll get it in her room soon.

Just a cute picture of Cade "army crawling."

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful Weather

The weather has finally cooled down and is in the 80's, so we have been spending a lot of time outside. The kids probably spend 4+ hours a day, just playing in the back yard. I'm glad that they are able to go outside again. We also hooked our bike trailer up and have been taking the kids on rides. They LOVE it. Enjoy the pictures!

Capri playing with a spray bottle outside. They love to "water" the plants.

Best buddies!

Cade just hangs out in the shade and watches.

Handsome Emerson.

Cade's first time in a swing at the park. He didn't smile, just sat there and enjoyed it.

Capri and Cade in the bike trailer, ready for a ride.

Emerson playing soccer in the back yard.
Playing outside in the back yard.

Silly baby!

Friday, October 9, 2009

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Swimming Lessons

The kids have been taking swimming for 6 months now. They have both gotten much better than they were. Capri loves the water. Emerson doesn't but he can swim if he wants too. I took some pictures of there last swimming lessons this year. We will be taking a break for now, then starting up again in the spring. We wish we could continue, but it is soooo expensive that we decided to take a break. We have to DRAG Emerson every week and that gets old. We will continue to take them swimming once a week, so they don't forget stuff, though. Emerson was soooo tired and was giving his teacher the hardest time. She is super patient and we are lucky that he is the only one in her class, so he gets lots of attention. Capri has one other kid in her class. Her teacher is a little less "loving", but get the job done. Enjoy the videos!