Under the plan of heaven, the husband and the wife walk side by side as companions, neither one ahead of the other, but a daughter of God and a son of God walking side by side.
Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm totally behind of posting. I have so much to post in the next couple days. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy halloween! Look for updates soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Steve and Chelsea Wedding

My beautiful mom holding Eleri at church on Sunday.

Aunt Geniel and Eleri at Steve's wedding.

Great Grandma Clark and Eleri.

The happy couple!

Mother of the groom.

Steve, Chelsea and me.

Aren't they the cutest?!?!? I loved her dress, it was so beautiful.

Thanks to my wonderful mom, I was able to attend the wedding of my cousin, Steve, and his beautiful wife, Chelsea. I wanted to go so bad and I'm so glad that I was able to be there on his special day. Eleri went to Utah with me and had a wonderful time having all the attention for 3 days. They got married in an outside "castle" and had the Steelers black and gold everywhere. It was a beautiful wedding. I love you guys! It was wonderful to see my family and to see how happy everyone was.

My babies

I am so lucky to have 2 babies. Cade is doing very well and really benefiting from therapy. He only see 2 therapists now. He is catching up nicely. He is super happy and just enjoys following the kids around. He LOVES playing outside and I am so happy that the weather is cooling down. We plan on spending lots and lots of time outside. He had his 18 month appointment and he is in the 20th percentile for height and weight. (Can't remember numbers, sorry.) He is just a small little one. He still won't even try nursery, but we'll keep pushing it. Hopefully one day he will give it a chance.
Eleri is still a little high maintenance. :-) She cries a lot, but is also smiling and laughing a lot as well. She rolls over now and holds up her head well. She had her 4 month appointment and weighs 12 pounds and is 24 1/2 inches tall. It think that 20-30 percentile for weight and 70th for height. She's a string bean for sure. Enjoy the pics!

Sleeping on the coach. Silly girl.

They were waiting by the door to deliver cookies to a neighbor for family home evening. (Notice the chocolate on Cade's face!)

Trying on the Steelers hat. Still a little big.

Here's a cute video of Isaac making Eleri laugh.

Extra activities

We are so lucky to live in an area where there is a wide variety of fun activities for the kids to do. (At a wonderful, cheap price.) We always have the kids in at least one "extra" activity. Sometimes more. Especially when it's too hot to be outside. Give them something to do. Right now, both the kids are on the community soccer team, which they LOVE. Emerson tried T-Ball and wasn't that into it, but he LOVES soccer. Capri was old enough to be on the team this year and she was super excited about that. They have one practice and one game every week. It is so nice that the weather is cooling down and I love being outside watching the kids play. Capri takes a cheer class and a cooking class. They are both on Wednesdays at the community center right by Emerson's school. I drop Emerson off, we go to Capri's classes and then go pick Emerson up. It works out perfectly. The community center even has a play area for Cade to play in while we wait for Capri. Capri is still in dance (through Desert Star Dance Studio - who we LOVE) and Emerson wanted to dance. We were in support of that and were thrilled to know he wanted to learn how to Hip-Hop. He loves his class and thinks it tons of fun. In a month both Emerson and Capri have recitals, and we are excited to go to that.

Emerson at soccer. He was talking to his "best friend" Madelyn. He looks for her first thing when we get to soccer.
Capri dribbling the ball.

Capri in her cooking class.

In front of the door of her cheer leading class.

Let me explain Emerson's Hip Hop video. He was showing off his hip hop skills one night while my mom was in town. (See, all those lessons are paying off - hahaha!) He is dancing to the "edited version" of Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas. We were talking about the edited version and he thinks the bad word is Butt. Makes me laugh. (Hope this video makes you laugh.) Hope he doesn't plan on making a living as a back up dancer . . .

Monday, September 6, 2010

First day of School

I can't believe that Emerson is in Kindergarten and Capri is in Preschool! Emerson is going to Benjamin Franklin and loves it. He was scared his first day, but Isaac was great at calming him down. I was SOOO sick the first day, so I helped get him ready and Isaac took him to school. I was kind of sad, but I just couldn't get out of bed. Capri is in Preschool 2 days a week. I joined a Co-op with a bunch of great ladies in my ward. It's working out fantastic. Can't believe that 2 of my 4 are in school!!!

Clark Family Renunion - Snowbird

The family reunion at Snowbird was SOOOO fun. I loved the weather and the beautiful resort. Poor Cade and Isaac were sick the entire time, so they didn't get to enjoy much of anything. :-( We did have a wonderful time seeing family. I was a little overwhelmed with the 3 well children, but my parents were super helpful. Sorry there are so many pictures. I actually wish I would have taken more!

Cade and mom swimming in the pool.
Eleri ready for a swim. (She HATED the water - by the way.)
Emerson and Capri ready for a swim in their new swimming suits.
We were able to see Wendy, John, Eleri and Mariah while at Snowbird. They joined us for lunch one day. It was lots of fun to see them.

John, Wendy and Emerson

Mariah and Emerson right after doing the trampline.

Eleri and Eleri!!!

Eleri, Capri, Dad, Mom, Wendy and Eleri.

Emerson on the trampoline.

My Aunt Wendy and Eleri.

Eleri and sleeping Capri.

Grandma Clark and Capri.

Emerson at the Bounce House.

Mom and Capri on the Alpine Slide. Check out the smile on Capri's face! She loved it.

Dad and Emerson. Dad let Emerson take the controls all the way down. Emerson thought he was so cool.

Capri's first time on a chair lift!

Eleri sleeping in the stroller. It was a little cold!

Emerson and Mom on the chair lift going up to the Alpine Slide.

Dad and Emerson on the Alpine Slide. Emerson was SOOO excited!

Madaline, Capri and Avery. They are all around the same age. (Actually Avery and Mady are - Capri's a year younger. . .) They had fun together.

Emerson and Capri at the top of the Mountain. I wish I could have gone with them, but I was at the Urgent Care with Isaac and Cade. Thanks mom and dad for taking them!

Mom and the kids at the top of the mountain.

Looking out the gondola on the way up the mountain.