Under the plan of heaven, the husband and the wife walk side by side as companions, neither one ahead of the other, but a daughter of God and a son of God walking side by side.
Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, September 6, 2010

First day of School

I can't believe that Emerson is in Kindergarten and Capri is in Preschool! Emerson is going to Benjamin Franklin and loves it. He was scared his first day, but Isaac was great at calming him down. I was SOOO sick the first day, so I helped get him ready and Isaac took him to school. I was kind of sad, but I just couldn't get out of bed. Capri is in Preschool 2 days a week. I joined a Co-op with a bunch of great ladies in my ward. It's working out fantastic. Can't believe that 2 of my 4 are in school!!!

Clark Family Renunion - Snowbird

The family reunion at Snowbird was SOOOO fun. I loved the weather and the beautiful resort. Poor Cade and Isaac were sick the entire time, so they didn't get to enjoy much of anything. :-( We did have a wonderful time seeing family. I was a little overwhelmed with the 3 well children, but my parents were super helpful. Sorry there are so many pictures. I actually wish I would have taken more!

Cade and mom swimming in the pool.
Eleri ready for a swim. (She HATED the water - by the way.)
Emerson and Capri ready for a swim in their new swimming suits.
We were able to see Wendy, John, Eleri and Mariah while at Snowbird. They joined us for lunch one day. It was lots of fun to see them.

John, Wendy and Emerson

Mariah and Emerson right after doing the trampline.

Eleri and Eleri!!!

Eleri, Capri, Dad, Mom, Wendy and Eleri.

Emerson on the trampoline.

My Aunt Wendy and Eleri.

Eleri and sleeping Capri.

Grandma Clark and Capri.

Emerson at the Bounce House.

Mom and Capri on the Alpine Slide. Check out the smile on Capri's face! She loved it.

Dad and Emerson. Dad let Emerson take the controls all the way down. Emerson thought he was so cool.

Capri's first time on a chair lift!

Eleri sleeping in the stroller. It was a little cold!

Emerson and Mom on the chair lift going up to the Alpine Slide.

Dad and Emerson on the Alpine Slide. Emerson was SOOO excited!

Madaline, Capri and Avery. They are all around the same age. (Actually Avery and Mady are - Capri's a year younger. . .) They had fun together.

Emerson and Capri at the top of the Mountain. I wish I could have gone with them, but I was at the Urgent Care with Isaac and Cade. Thanks mom and dad for taking them!

Mom and the kids at the top of the mountain.

Looking out the gondola on the way up the mountain.

Dad's birthday

We celebrated Dad's birthday while we were in Utah. I really wish I would have gotten more photos, but it's really hard keeping track of 4 kids among a crowd. We had a wonderful party and lots of family showed up. It was dark by the time I finally pulled the camera out - I'm glad the pictures turned out! Happy Birthday Dad. I LOVE YOU!!

Friends in Utah

One of the things I miss the most about Utah is my two friends, Paige and Madison. We used to hang out almost EVERY day. I miss them and their kids. They both live in this really pretty apartment complex that has a beautiful lake. We went on a nature walk and got some really great pictures of the kids.

Madison and Eleri
Me pushing the babies on our nature walk.
Isaac giving Anya a lift.

Emerson and Capri posing for me by the fence along the path.

Still the love of my life!

Just another pic of our little "Ella Bean"